Marcus Comaschi and Oskar Schortz (2019)
An interactive digital art piece commissioned by Libraries Unlimited (Devon Library Service) for Barnstaple Library.
Barnstaple’s ‘Tome Stone’ stands at the heart of Barnstaple’s historic centre, railed-in under the statue of Queen Anna at the old Mercantile Exchange. Renewed in 1633 (but thought to be in use for some time previous), no commercial deal was complete without the handing over of payment on the table. The table did not just provide a platform, it was a crucial part of trade – making the transactions visible, public and official.  
Our encounters with historic objects are often hampered by glass and an unreflective transmission of information. What if objects from history could speak, respond, even question how you experience the present? As you approach A Meeting Point and walk around it, the piece responds to your presence by moving metallic tubes. The lights could be seen as nodes of connection, moments of experience. The movement of the tubes; showing the flow of everyday life.  
This piece relies on human engagement. It is a living encounter with history, that will create further relationships and connections in the present and future.
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