Marcus Comaschi

My design philosophy is simple, simplicity is key. 

I have worked as an engineer for larger corporations such as Ford Motors in Wales and emerging companies, for example Loowatt in London, who specialise in sustainable sanitation. I work on product and systems design, rapid prototyping and testing. If there’s making involved, i’m in. I believe experimenting with undefined ideas and concepts lead to the most interesting outcomes. I am lucky enough to have had work exhibited across London, including the V&A and the Royal College of Art. My other work takes me into different fields, collaborating with anthropologists to develop interactive art installations, working as a free-lance consultant across the South of England and also hosting practical design workshops for people of all ages. 

My Engineering Degrees from Imperial College London, the Royal College of Art and Cardiff University have developed practical skills and instilled strong theoretical knowledge in applied engineering and design methodology.

I enjoy running, hiking and camping. I am always keen to take part in obscure adventures, whether that's running 230 miles from Worthing to Paris or walking the Pindos mountains in northern Greece. Adventures are key to my learning. Immersing myself in different cultures, such as with the British Council in India’s manufacturing towns, exploring European communities with the Royal Navy and working alongside indigenous tribes in South America, have all impacted my work. Designers and engineers are required to immerse themselves in diverse environments to ensure successful outputs.

If you would like to know more or would require a full CV please get in touch using the contact form.
Wild swimming in Zagoria National Park, Greece