"We set on a mission to banish the boredom that comes from opening your sports-car themed Birthday card from your Cousin twice-removed, Steve.
And the despair that comes after shaking the envelope furiously to see if the bank notes had gotten stuck in there, or if they had really just sent the card and nothing else.
To save you from putting on that fake smile when you’re presented with your twentieth pair of stripy socks this year.
And to stop you from being presented with gifts that highlight how woefully misunderstood you are by the majority of your own family.
That’s right.
We set on a mission to re-inject some raw, unadulterated FUN back into special occasions.
After all, what’s more entertaining than seeing your Nan’s wig become displaced following the shock of being showered in confetti, after innocently opening what looked to be a simple greetings card.
Or seeing your Uncle Bob fruitlessly try to wipe glitter from his shiny bald head, and be questioned for the rest of the day about his ‘new look’.
We probably won’t save the World with what we’re doing, but we’ll damn sure save your special occasions from taking a trip through Yawnsville.
Spice-up your next special occasion with a Mailpranx confetti cannon and watch the fun unfold."
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