Trigger points have been described as a small contracted fibrous knot in muscle tissue. A trigger point affects a muscle by keeping it tight and weak. In turn this keeps the muscle contracted and this can overtime cause problems with the joints and the attached nerves.
The body literally gets out of kilter. The tension in the fibres of these knots decreases circulation and consequently nutrients to that muscle. Unless the knots are treated they can remain for months and years. Pain from trigger points can often be felt away from the trigger point in what is called a referred pain scenario. For example a trigger point in the shoulder blade (scapula) can cause pain to be felt in the shoulder or down the, upper arm.
Luckily these knots are treatable using a pressure that breaks up the fibres and allows the blood to run freely through the taut bands. WellbriX have been designed as a one stop product for getting into and releasing the knots that cause the trouble. Follow the programmes and keep your body young, supple and injury free easily, effectively and quickly.
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